My First Unschooling Hub Post

Welcome to our new blog @   I guess I should introduce myself and explain the purpose of this website and blog.

This blog is to promote unschooling which I see as a natural progression from philosophical or peaceful parenting. My aim is firstly to provide a hub of resources for others who are interested in, or wish to promote unschooling. My second aim is to gather and share research which supports unschooling and peaceful parenting.

I am a dad to 2 boys. My wife and I have embarked on a digital nomad lifestyle and currently live in Bali, Indonesia. We sold our house and most of our stuff, organised our business and got on a plane. My wife is running an excellent blog about how to be a digital nomad and let your children see the world Р


Paul King is a happily married unschooling dad of two wonderful boys. Currently living in Bali and working his way around the world. He runs the websites and

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