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There are plenty of chats with unschooolers over at

Over at The Voluntary Life, you will find the following interesting podcasts about unschooling.

201 Tools And Systems for Independent Learning

64 What They Don’t Teach at School Part 2

63 What They Don’t Teach at School: Discussion With Brett Veinotte of School Sucks

60 Unschooling Year 1

Freedom From School: An Interview With Laurette Lynn

Living And Parenting Free Of Religion: An Interview With Carisa Brewster

Uncollege: An Interview with Dale Stephens

Unschooling Part 3: Putting Unschooling Into Practice

Unschooling Part 2: The Compulsory Education System

Unschooling Part 1: Instead of Education

All the following audio are from You can find more on a wide variety of subjects at – If you are listening lots, please donate to them!

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