There are many ways to connect with other unschooling families. The internet is your friend, and it is always encouraging to meet up with likeminded families.

There are many Facebook groups. There are home education groups listed on , and here is a map where people can add pins showing approximately where they are in the UK or anywhere in the World… I added my pin in Bali at the time of writing.

Unschooling Facebook Groups

Unschooling Mom2Mom
Thinking about unschooling and how it could work for your family?
Just starting out? Or maybe you’ve been unschooling, something shifted and now you feel stuck.Veteran and experienced unschooling moms are here to help you figure it all out!

Unschooling Special Needs
This is an UNSCHOOLING group for parents and caregivers of Special Needs kids. We have found that NON-COERCIVE and RELATIONSHIP BASED approaches work MUCH better for our kids than most mainstream methods of education and therapy.

Unschooling in South Africa
Unschooling: Learning and living without school… Natural Learning, Self directed Learning, Self Design Learning…Providing Unschoolers in South Africa a Space to connect with, support and inspire each other.

Unschoolers Waterpark Gatherings
The purpose of the Unschoolers’ Waterpark Gathering is to facilitate and to inspire a sense of unity, connection and community in an environment that is safe, nurturing and fun.

Unschool Australia
This is a SUPPORT group for families who are ALREADY embracing a natural learning, life learning or unschooling approach to life and education. We share our unschooling and deschooling stories and experiences. This group welcomes conversation about any kind of unschooling philosophy, ideas and practice. Unschooling is DIFFERENT from homeschooling: unschoolers are learning without school or school methods of instruction. The emphasis is on learning not teaching. Gentle, non-coercive, child and family-friendly parenting practices are encouraged: authoritarian, hierarchical developmental and educational structures are discouraged.

Texas Unschoolers
A Texas-wide Unschooling Support Group. Find links, support and conversation about unschooling in general and specifics for Texas.

UK Unschooling Network
A key tenet of unschooling is that of aiming to not arbitrarily limit or restrict your children’s lives and interests. With that in mind, although all ‘flavours’ of unschoolers are very welcome here, this group does have one overriding principle and that is that if anyone posts here asking for advice, it should be assumed that they are asking for responses that fit with an unschooling/autonomous learning/consensual living approach.

UK Radical Unschooling Network
This is a UK group set up for radical unschoolers wherever you may be on your journey to share and support each other.

UK Unschooling Chat
An “off topic” chat group for anyone following or who plans to follow an unschooling/autonomous education way of life. This group is designed to be a place for like minded people to get to know each other and chat about general day to day things, with people who may understand you a little better. If you have any questions or are looking for information relating to unschooling in any way then please post in UK Unschooling Network where you will find a wealth of information. This group is for a general chat and so you are free to talk about most things (as long as they are respectful to others) it doesn’t need to just be related to unschooling.

Home Education (Homeschooling & Unschooling) in London (UK)
In this group everything, I really mean everything that is related to Home Education is welcome on this wall.

DFW Homeschoolers and Unschoolers
The DFW Homeschoolers is open to all, Its purpose is to share homeschooling experiences, suggestions and encouragement.

Penobscot County Home/UnSchoolers
We are a group of homeschoolers who are interested in this lifestyle for some of the following reasons: preserving childhood, academic excellence, open-minded curriculum, simple and natural living, freedom from groupthought, etc. Most of us have not chosen this lifestyle in order to teach a specific religious curriculum. We are open to all faiths and are considerate of our religious differences.

The Mulberry Tree Progressive Unschool
Reggio Emilia and Montessori inspired education.

Homeschooling Facebook Groups

Homeschooling with Apps
This is a group to share favorite iPhone/iPad apps for use in homeschooling.

Homeschooling with Pinterest
A group where Pintrest ideas are shared to keep homeschooling fresh and exciting.

Homeschooling with TedTalks
This is a Homeschooling group for sharing educational TedTalks related to unit studies, specific topics, and for building a community of homeschoolers who use TedTalks for helping to educate their children.

Homeschooling with Netflix
his is a place to share information on good educational videos found on Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, or anywhere else.

Homeschooling with Workboxes
A group for homeschoolers to share how they workbox…what your set up is, what you put in them, etc… All things Workboxes!

Homeschooling with The Amazing Race
A place to talk about using The Amazing Race tv show to teach world cultures to our homeschooling children.

Secular Homeschool Families
Secular Homeschool Families (SHF) is an amazing group of homeschooling families that are here to support each other. To maintain the open, accepting and supportive environment that we have created here, we have a few thing that we expect from our membership.

Homeschooling with YouTube
This is a YouTube Homeschooling group.

Homeschooling with Discovery Education
Parent support group for anyone using Discovery Education as part of your homeschool curriculum.

Homeschooling with Art
This is a group to share art projects and creative art ideas that we are doing or want to do with our children in our homeschool days. Please feel free to share links to great sites and ideas and pics of neat things your kids have created! Let’s inspire each other to bring art into EVERY day of our homeschooling.

Homeschooling with Amazon Prime
A group about having to list some educational movies/programs we have used for homeschooling.

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