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UnschoolersUnschoolingHub.com was set up by me, Paul King to help promote unschooling and peaceful parenting. I really hope you find it useful and interesting. I am a dad to 2 boys and we currently live in Bali. We lived in Sweden for 9 years, but had to leave due to the draconian forced schooling laws. Now we are travelling the world.. although we have been in Bali for a few months because it’s a great place to live.. and coincidentally there are quite a few unschooling ex-pat families here.

Together with my Swedish wife, we run a few websites and we ship products all over the world. Our websites, in case you want to buy anything are, www.hammockheaven.co.uk www.mypashmina.co.uk and www.therealrugcompany.co.uk

Please check out the map, and add your dot to it. It was not started by me, but Zeemaps allows you to embed, so the more unschoolers who put pins on the map the better.

Also, please listen to the podcasts. They are interesting and useful, especially if you find yourself having to argue with people about the merits of unschooling or peaceful parenting.

We welcome guest posts, and we are happy to promote other peoples blogs in exchange for interesting articles or information, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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  1. Paula Green and Alana Stronghart says:

    Hi Paul, My 16 year old daughter and I will be traveling to Bali in May. Are you still there and is it possible to visit you or find other unschooling families in Bali? We were just recently interviewed on radio where we have been staying near Melbourne, Australia if you would like to hear us tell our worldschooling/unschooling story. You will find the podcast link on our new FB page Soul-Journ. Look forward to connecting.

    • Paul says:

      Sorry, I didn’t see this and so I have taken ages to answer. We are not in Bali. We are in Prague at least until after august when our baby is due. I’ll check out your facebook page – we’re all keen to visit Australia. I haven’t been for 20 years!!! There are quite a few expat families in Bali. Ubud is the best place for that. Try the facebook groups, ‘families on the move’ and ‘worldschoolers’

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